About Us:

Jarrell V. Jordan Company

The Jarrell V. Jordan Company was founded on January 2, 2019 by Mr. Jarrell Jordan. The mission of the Jarrell V. Jordan Company is to empower others through building a Personal & Professional Brand. The company has four focus areas which include graphic design, personal branding, consulting and crisis management. 

  1. Focuses on Graphic Design: Business Cards, Letterheads, Logos, Websites

  2. Focuses on Personal Branding: LinkedIn Creation, Social Media, Resume Editing & Design

  3. Focuses on Consulting: Business, Education, Marketing, Political

  4. Focuses on Crisis & Emergency Management

Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Jarrell V. Jordan

Jarrell V. Jordan is a Senior, Political Science Major and Religion Minor at Morehouse College from Birmingham Alabama. Jarrell formerly served as a White House Ambassador for HBCU's for the White House HBCU Initiative. He is the Chief Executive Office of the Jarrell V. Jordan Company and the Founder & President of the Importance of Education Initiative.